Who is Enaleia:

Enaleia is a social enterprise that aims to make amateur fishermen fish in a more efficient and eco-friendly way. It is an award-winning youth initiative, aiming to attract more people into the fishing sector, educating them and at the same time, creating the conditions for sustainable fishing.


After some years of existence, there was a need to re-design Enaleia’s e-learning platform in order to be more user-friendly and attract more users to be trained on sustainable and professional fishing. In this direction, Enaleia was in need of someone to hold the responsibility and management of the re-design, development and content updating of this digital product.

What we did

We created the brand identity and defined the target audience. We evaluated the current UX & content structure and conducted market research. Moreover, we shaped and managed the product team (content designer, graphic designer, UI/UX developer and digital marketeer) which undertook the re-design and development of the platform. We, co-designed with the marketing team the digital presence of the e-learning platform. Last but not least, we consulted Enaleia towards their overall business and how their e-learning platform could fit and be positioned as one of their products.