Every organization needs to evolve, whether it is a newly formed venture or an established business. We help you identify new business opportunities or evaluate your current status in order for your organization to grow and reach its potential. Whether this involves intrinsic areas such as Organizational Structure and Organizational Culture, or extrinsic areas such as Business Planning, Expansion in other markets, or Marketing Strategy, we can support you to transform your business and succeed in today’s fast-paced environment.

Program Design & Management

Outsource the design and management of your project to achieve optimum results, while saving time and energy and capitalizing on our teams’ expertise. We are here to help you create and execute a well-rounded plan including a well designed coordination of ideas, materials, processes and stakeholders and provide hands-on monitoring & management of the project deployment, always making sure to constantly evaluate and monitor results to optimise the project.

Purpose &
brand identity

Take the first step in becoming a purpose led organization by defining and getting clarity on your organisation’s story (what, how and why). Through experiential and interactive workshops we identify and validate your organisation’s what, how, and why, as well as its values, and help you plan your storytelling.

Culture Re-engineering

Optimize the way people interact with one another and connect with their work so as to build and foster a winning culture. We support your organisation with carefully designed interventions, based on a systemic approach, to move to a new operational point where people are more present, driven and connected to their work, their colleagues and the organisation.

Structure Redesign

Position your organization for growth by redesigning the structure and processes that best suit your strategy and business needs. Based on your current reality, we help you identify and design the appropriate structure and way of working for your organisation, introducing agile elements while supporting the management team to implement the new way of working.

Business Plan

Understand what steps you need to take in order to turn your business idea into success or optimise your existing business model. Whether you are looking to expand your business or create a new one, we help you establish business milestones, better understand your customer and competition, assess the feasibility of your venture, document your revenue model and evaluate your financial needs.

Expand in other markets | theExportProject

Take advantage of the growth in e-commerce and prepare your business for expanding in new markets. With theExportProject, a service created in collaboration with Mediacube, we aim to help you expand abroad using a holistic and comprehensive approach. Specifically, we assess your organisation’s export readiness, evaluate potential markets and develop a strategic business plan for entry in several key areas such as Marketing, Supply chain, Legal/Accounting setup and Internal Setup.

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