In turbulent times, communicating both with employees and customers can be challenging. But it can also be a chance for you to be true to your core and act upon what you truly stand for.

1. Listen and Adapt. Only 8% of consumers believe that brands should stop advertising although they do expect companies to think about their tone and messaging. Listen to your customers and employees to understand their state and needs during this time. Re-evaluate content and shift focus to how you can provide value for them.

E.g. Ikea’s new campaign, I Stay Home was created in the spirit of celebrating our homes. The film encourages people to see their homes from a new perspective, and challenges them to view it as a place where new experiences can be enjoyed together. Watch it here!

2. Be Transparent. Right now people feel vulnerable and empathy is critical Ensure you have the right channels in place both for your employees and customers to convey transparently what is happening. Nothing builds trust throughout an issue or crisis better than a steady flow of responsible information that keeps everyone involved.

E.g. Plaisio created and published an infographic outlining the 8 measures it has taken to protect both its employees and its customers who continue to shop online. Find it here!

3. Rise To The Occasion. Research shows that 64% of customers choose to buy from socially responsible brands, especially in times of crisis. Consider ways your brand can help, staying true to your brand. You may be able to use your expertise, resources, facilities or platform to contribute to solutions or share helpful information. This is about showing your company’s true values and citizenship.

E.g. Aegean and Hellenic Petroleum cooperated in order to contribute to the effort to tackle the unprecedented crisis by directly offering flights to transport medical supplies from the countries of production. Read more here!

4. Look after the people that matter to you. 78% of consumers believe brands should help them and their employees in their everyday lives. Whether it is providing guidance to your employees on how to work from home or finding ways to help your customers, now more than ever is the time to thank these people by protecting, supporting and empowering them.

E.g. In an all staff memo, Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield, urged his employees to take care of themselves and families, be a good partner, and even not to stress about work in a time when the company has seen unprecedented growth. Read more here!

4 Basic Communication Principles in the Era of Coronavirus