Our Manifesto

We work for a world where people go to work because they want to and not just because they have to. With employees that work as one team, are aligned towards a common objective and purpose, laugh with each other and not at each other and deal with problems by communicating openly and transparently. A business world where people can be their true selves, honouring the past, co-designing the future, and have a sense of belonging, a clear role and place and a balance in exchange. Only then can businesses become truly resilient and efficient with high performing teams, delighted customers, and a focus on how things truly are rather than how things appear. This is who we are and why we put ourselves at the service of our partners and friends.


Our services

We are a boutique consulting agency that helps you navigate through change in order to grow in the digital economy, build a customer centric organization, & improve your business efficiency.

Organizational Design
Organizational Design

Position your organization for growth by redesigning the structure and processes that best suit your strategy and business needs.

Culture & Purpose
Culture & Purpose

Become a purpose led organization by defining your company’s core reason for being and fostering a winning culture.

Customer & Employee Experience
Customer & Employee Experience

Build a customer centric organization and foster they way your customers and employees feel and connect with your brand.

Go-to-Market Optimization
Go-to-Market Optimization

Expand your business domestically or abroad (or create a new one) with our business planning solutions that effectively align sales resources to opportunities.

Digital Product Design
Digital Product Design

Optimize the success & conversion rate of your digital assets with tools and methodologies based on design thinking and human-centric design.

Empowering Leadership
Empowering Leadership

Empower senior leaders and leadership teams to drive transformational change and prepare them for long-term value creation.


Our Projects

Our Team

A unique blend

A carefully selected team combining character, skills and expertise with a proven track record in different industries.

Spiros Spiros
Our CX and change consultant expert
Harris Harris
Our organization designer & design sprints specialist
Rena Rena
Our marketing retail wizard & business coach
Marian Marian
Our customer & employee experience specialist
Dimitris Dimitris
Our digital transformation lover
Our Our
Our extended team
Our extra pair of hands
Prokopis Prokopis
Our street smart eyes and ears in the market

Why Us

Why work with

We help you move
your business forward

We are a diverse team
that has what it takes

We have a successful track

We are not your typical
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Our partners & Friends

We couldn’t be prouder of our partners and the trust they have shown us in building great things together.

We would like to thank: