In Greek “krataios” is the one who is strong, well-grounded, and unyielding. Whereas consulting can sometimes be vague or theoretical, Krataion indicates our approach. We empower our partners by providing them with meaningful, viable, and robust support.

We would like to think many things. For starters we believe that business should be fun ! If you work with us you should be prepared for humour, pranks, giggles, honesty and getting things done along the way..  In our work we follow a holistic approach, usually synthesizing different methodologies,  and design interventions that will do the work rather than just actions without an impact. In regards to how we behave we are agile, focus on what matters, and stand by your side along the process.

That’s a tricky one. You always have to get in and try the relationship to see if you are compatible. However, if you are looking for a partner who will respectfully challenge you, help you identify your blind spots, get you real results, and support you along the way while having fun then you know we’re the right partner for you.

We are not picky regarding verticals or types of companies. We love working with anyone that is up for becoming a better version of himself. We have worked with established multinationals, NGOs, and SMEs from a wide range of industries.

It really depends. We can charge per hour, per project, or charge a retainer fee. We make sure to assess your needs, the resources required, and the expertise provided. We aim to make you our long term partner rather than just our client.

Honestly?  We challenge ourselves, we laugh, we support each other. And yet we get upset, we get disappointed, we are vulnerable. Like in life, the same happens in our team: no day is the same. But no matter what we are there for each other, love what we do and communicate openly. Follow us on social and get a feel from us!

We like how forward you are! Give us a call, send us an email or drop by! We are excited to meet you.

FAQ About Us