f you are a B2B business you might have wondered what does digital marketing have to do with you and your organization. I mean, if you want to find new clients wouldn’t you just use direct and outbound techniques such as taking part in industry exhibitions? Traditional marketing techniques are a necessity but they will only get you so far. In the ever-evolving digital world strong B2B digital marketing can do wonders for your business.

The first thing that you need to do is understand the online behaviour of your potential leads and use their behaviour as a compass in order to create great digital touchpoints.  Because yes, your potential customers are looking for you online. In fact, 74% of B2B buyers conduct more than half of research online before making a purchase, and 57% of the purchase process is complete before a customer even calls a supplier. Which is why your business we’ll need to not only have an informative and engaging website, but also social media profiles with relevant information about your B2B services and products. This way potential clients can easily find you throughout their purchase journey.

A strong digital presence will not only help you with generating new leads. B2B relationships are rarely about a one-off transaction. It’s about building reputation, demonstrating capability, and showcasing credibility. And your digital presence can help you achieve that.

So how can you ensure a successful digital marketing strategy for your B2B business?

  • Focus on the customer: define your buyers’ persona in order to craft products, services, and marketing messages that your customers will respond to. Your goal should be to be present on every step of their decision making journey. Earn their attention, engage with them, persuade them, and lead them to a purchase
  • Pay attention at the digital points: make sure you are present in all the digital touch points your customers are active (e.g. blogs, linkedin, etc.) in order to be able to engage with them
  • Be data-driven: make data and analytics your best friend. Data can provide you with timely insights and drive fact-based business decisions. You should use data generated from your digital presence in order to identify new opportunities and/or optimise your customer experience

The world of digital marketing for B2B companies has changed. Do not be afraid to try out innovative strategies that explore new possibilities in the age of digital marketing and which can take your business to new heights!