Summer is officially here and hopefully most of us will find ourselves enjoying the beautiful Greek beaches and sun. But far too often our brains are wired to obsess about work, and we find it difficult to let go. Still, balance is essential for all. So, here is some advice, not just work related, that can help you make the most of your precious time off.

  • Prioritize and establish a handoff.  Make a list of the tasks that absolutely must be done before you go on vacation and find someone that can handle urgent tasks that might pop up while you’re away.
  • Do not look at your emails. Acknowledge the capabilities of your team and the systems you have put in place and trust that everything will run smoothly without you. Most importantly don’t let yourself be consumed by negative thoughts and guilt about not working.
  • Take a break from social media. Our addiction with checking social media, can make going dark feel surreal at first. Refocusing elsewhere can help you restore your creativity and energy.
  • Listen to your needs and focus on relaxation. Whether you are traveling alone or with friends, make sure not to sacrifice your own needs to please the rest of the group. Consider what you need and take the time to get that.
  • Do something you love. It sounds obvious, but sometimes we neglect doing the things that make us feel good and lift our spirits. But doing the things you love will help you feel grounded in your mind and body.
  • Try something new. A vacation is a great opportunity to consciously plan in new experiences, be they kayaking, free diving, learning to make wine, whatever.
  • Embrace the silence. By doing so, you can help remove tension and anxiety from your environment, recharge your internal batteries, and create peace with yourself and your surroundings. Being present and still can be so rewarding.
  • Sleep. A long, lingering dinner; a few glasses of good wine and bed before midnight will mean you wake up feeling more energized than you have done in months. Yes, party nights can also be part of your holidays, just make sure you treat yourself with the regenerating sleep your body and mind needs.
  • Order another piña colada. You’re on holiday! Don’t spend the whole time watching what you eat and drink. Indulge and have fun!

Taking time away from your daily routine, can help you get a better perspective on your life and lead to insights that allow for greater productivity and efficiency upon your return. So, enjoy it! We surely will!!