What is Grow with Google by Google:

Grow with Google is a Google initiative that aims to enhance the digital skills and literacy of youth as well as empower the digital transformation of travel related SMEs via customized consultation and online/offline trainings nationwide.

Grow With Google by Google


Design, run, and monitor the program, providing constant optimization and new ideas. 

What we did:

We analyzed the greek travel SME ecosystem & the youth market and developed a nationwide plan aiming to provide digital skills to as many individuals as possible. More specifically, we recruited, selected, trained and managed teams of young high caliber individuals that travelled across Greece and were responsible for consulting and training travel SMEs (through 1:1  and 1:many seminars) on how they can develop their digital skills and grow their business. At the same time we developed digital related content and organized seminars in educational institutions in order to help the youth acquire digital skills and become more employable. We were involved among others in selecting locations where the program is run, created the deployment plan, and developed synergies with local authorities,  professors and trainers. Constant monitoring ensured optimization of the project. The last 5 years, through the GGTO initiative, more than 120.000 Greeks have been trained for free in more than 100 cities. Since the project in Greece has proved to be successful, we were asked to offer consulting services for similar projects under the “Grow with Google initiative” in Hungary, Bulgaria and Japan.