Taking the step to grow your business and expand in other markets can often be a complex task. With theExportProject, a service created in collaboration with Mediacube, we aim to help you expand abroad using a holistic and comprehensive approach.  Specifically, we follow a 2 step process to ensure you are better prepared for your export venture:

1. Export Readiness & Evaluation of markets: At this stage we assess your company’s readiness to export by, identifying both your existing capabilities and shortcomings, and then analyzing and evaluating potential markets. We then identify the most compatible markets for your product using online tools and market research accompanied by an operational feasibility study. This process will not only help you setup and prepare your organisation for expansion but it will also save you resources from entering markets on a trial and error basis, and help you leverage opportunities in markets which might not have been on your radar.

2. Business Planning: Once the appropriate markets have been identified we develop a strategic business plan for the entry on the selected markets that will help you develop your strategy and calculate the necessary investment as well as probable ROI. The business plan will include information on operations and Supply chain, Financial projections, Marketing plan and budget, Team setup and an in depth understanding of your target market.


The roadmap for a successful expansion

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