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We are here with one and unique purpose, to support our partners to find and approach their optimized way of operating.
Balance. Profitability. Sustainable growth.
We hope that you will find what you are looking for. Besides, as Socrates said «Wisdom begins in wonder»


Outsourcing solutions and answers

Our consulting services, after looking together your business, aim at determining according to your objectives what needs to be done and how. Our approach, apart from analyzing current reality and making proposals, also includes support and monitoring in the implementation phase. The scope of our consulting services include Corporate development and Growth, Strategy, Sustainability, Team and organization, Marketing and Sales, Change management.

Our expertise covers both B2B and B2C with a variety of industries such as luxury goods, services, travel, telecoms, advertising and digital Marketing.

Supporting you to make the decisions and next steps that are right for you

Case study

Consulting Case Study

Google, wanted in the context of Google Engage for Agencies, to launch a program for a number of advertising agencies in order to support them growing their business in online advertising. We therefore designed and delivered a 3 month program that included both product trainings as well as business consulting services.

Apart from training building and delivery on Business Development, a number of sessions took place both with Google as well as the participating agencies on a 1-1 basis.

The agencies’ feedback was very positive followed by a very positive business impact.


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Enriching knowledge in your organization

Following the Chinese proverb “Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand”, all trainings aim at being hands-on, practical with a measurable impact. Based on your market reality and targets, we design, both in terms of content as well as delivery, what will have the biggest effect for your team and organization.

The areas of training can vary. Most of the trainings delivered so far have been around Sales and Business Development, Improving customer experience, Marketing, Leadership, Team management and Teamwork.

Design the training that your team or organization needs in order to have a measurable impact

Case study

Training Case Study

Hellenic Telecommunications (OTE, part of Deutche Telecom Group) went through a major remodeling of its stores in order to improve the customer experience and adjust its image as a telecom leader both in terms of technology and service.

In parallel a training program was designed and delivered to all Store employees.

Working with OTE Academy on the delivery of these trainings, the objective was to change the overall way the store was operating making it more customer focused and supporting the store employees both in terms of tools, techniques as well as mentality in order to support this shift the remodeling was aiming to achieve.


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Tailor Made Services

A unique approach for each case

Each organization, team or person is different. Therefore, in order to have the best possible effect and impact, our services are completely adjusted and customized to each client and partner. Using models and theories can be useful but not all can be applied to everyone. Once you have identified an issue or need that you, your team or organization has feel free to contact us in order to see what would be the proposed set of services and actions for your specific case, taking into account all the elements that affect it.

Our services are available worldwide and will be adjusted to your own specific needs and best address your requirements.

Our mission is to support our partners towards their optimal way of operating by offering tailor made and sustainable solutions through a practical and hands-on approach

Case study

Tailor Made Services Case Study

An organization in Advertising was growing quite fast and needed to manage growth in a sustainable way which consisted of:

  • Empowering its employees to take more initiatives and ownership of their tasks
  • Become more customer focused as an organization and
  • Do a restructuring to operate more effectively

In order to address these targets a customized approach was put in practice which involved a 360 degrees survey (clients, employees, suppliers), a training program for all employees to become more customer focused and a systemic constellation along with coaching to try which of the alternative structures supported the organization best given its market conditions.

Therefore, a customized approach is what we are after in order to have the best possible results.


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Systemic Constellations

A revolutionary holistic consulting method

All organizations face challenges when it comes to operating at their optimized level of capacity. Systemic constellations, which take place in absolute confidentiality, is a fast and powerful way to understand the real causes (often different from the ones we thought) that cause us difficulties. By representing all the relevant parameters -even the ones that are below our radar- and the way they interact with one another, a clearer and better understanding of the issue’s primary causes is facilitated and therefore more appropriate strategies and actions are found.

The areas of application can literally be anything such as issues of team dynamics, partnerships, choosing the most appropriate strategy, internal organization issues and anything that is related to the optimal way of operation of your organization. A unique and revolutionary method at your service of your business.

A powerful and effective way to find answers and solutions by looking below the surface

Case studies

Systemic Constellations Case Study 1

A company’s manager was facing conflicts within the team of his direct reports. He had come to the conclusion that this was because of a restructuring that had taken place which created uncertainty along with tension/stress in the team. In addition, based on his insights, people’s different personalities played a big role in creating conflicts within the team.

A constellation followed by some systemic exercises proved that the main reasons for these difficult dynamics, unlike what the manager believed, were quite different. Regardless of the restructuring, the primary issue for the tensions was that each of the manager’s direct reports had not established his/her right position in the organization in the sense that each one wanted to impress the manager –following a non-healthy competition pattern- by trying to prove that he/she was good in a number of areas (rather than just his/her field). In other words, within the team the value of each team member was not being acknowledged for what it really was by the others. Moreover it was clear that there was a misalignment between the departments on what were the companies’ priorities and goals.

Therefore, rather than just vaguely approaching “teamwork”, some work following the constellation was done with the manager and the team in the areas of:

  • finding each one’s right place in the organization and making sure it was clear to everyone
  • working on ways the manager can keep equal distances and acknowledge each team member’s work to avoid stressful internal competition and
  • aligning on company’s priorities and goals

Systemic Constellations Case Study 2

A small-medium sized IT business was facing issues in the way the information was transferred from the clients to the company (several departments) and from the company to the clients. The CEO wanted to get clarity on what was creating that and how they could optimize the way the company works. After looking into the company as a system and the dynamics formed a number of issues came up:

  • The main departments that the information flow seemed to face issues were Sales and Production & Development rather than just Sales that had primarily the responsibility for customer interface.
  • Sales were very close to the customer, having built solid business relationships but not in a way that allowed the Sales Force to truly and deeply understand the customer. In that sense the information that was getting in the company was incomplete rather than entirely inaccurate. Therefore training the Sales Team on how to understand the customer (rather than offering a generic training around “communication skills”) was essential.
  • Production and Development on the other hand had a huge workload that made it difficult for them to keep up with updates and information to/from the customer.
  • Last but not least, the CEO being familiar with one specific function was focused on micro-management and was doing a very tight monitoring which didn’t support trust and initiatives, while it did not leave him space to deal with customers and support the company’s operations by looking at the big picture.

A set of next steps and actions were designed and implemented with impressive results (both qualitative and quantitative) in the overall performance of the company.

Systemic Constellations Case Study 3

A company offering professional equipment for hotels and restaurants wanted to expand to a new market but the first months did not prove to be a success despite the careful preparation and market analysis.

Approaching the issue through the constellation, it was indeed shown that the market analysis was accurate in the sense that: there was a market for the product, the competition was not fierce, the pricing level of the products was good and the company’s setup and employees were properly supporting the goal. However, the issue focused on two main areas: Marketing and Partnerships.

After looking with the Management of the organization the primary reasons for the difficulties they were encountering, we proceeded with a set of necessary actions. It was critical for that market to work on earned publicity rather than paid publicity.

So the company would need to focus on making other people and of course its customers its “spokesmen” and ambassadors of its products rather than spend big budgets on traditional media.

In addition to that, it was very important to build the right distribution partners which would decrease the company’s OPEX while it would provide support from local businesses with connections and know-how of the market.


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Reaching and fulfilling your real potential

There are times we all need some support in order to move forward with a greater ease and speed, identify our potential and find the best ways to bring them into our everyday practice. Coaching consists of 1-1 sessions that support the coachee to deal with a specific situation or develop both personally and professionally.

The UK's Chartered Institute of Personnel Management reports that 51% of companies (sample of 500) 'consider coaching as a key part of learning development' and 'crucial to their strategy', with 90% reporting that they use coaching.

Finding and releasing the true potential that exists within you

Case study

Case Study Coaching

In a multinational luxury organization the Manager had difficulties with 2 of his team members who had been expressing aggression towards him and made their co-operation extremely difficult.

Through our 1-1 sessions and by using also a systemic/holistic approach, it was made clear to the Manager that the two team members were indeed angry with him but the real issue did not lie in their relationship. In reality the two angry team members were getting a hard time from the retail store managers who felt in turn that the head office was too demanding without really understanding the real market conditions.

That tension along with the fact that the two employees were engaged in a project/role that did not fulfill their expectations was transferred in their relationship with their manager. As a result a plan was put together that consisted of different steps:

  • Separating the relationship’s context of the store managers and the team members with that of the manager and the team members,
  • Acknowledging the challenging work that the two members had undertook as well as reviewing their job descriptions (based on the organization’s priorities and needs) and
  • Dealing with the primary issue which was the challenging relationship between the stores and the head office


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Who delivers the services

Krataion Consulting was founded in 2011. We feel proud to have been trusted by large multinationals and corporations such as Google and OTE (member of Deutche Telekom Group) to startups such as Farmers Republic and freelancers. Apart from the core team there is also a group of partners to support each project according to yours needs.
Spiros Milonas


Spiros Milonas has a broad commercial experience (Strategy & Business Development, Sales, Marketing) in various organizations (such as Hewlett-Packard, European Commission, Sony Ericsson). The last position he held was “Head of Sales for South East Europe” in Sony Ericsson which he left from in order to deal with some projects of his own having Krataion Consulting at the core of his activities.

Spiros studied Business Administration in Athens University of Economics and Business and holds an MBA from Instituto de Empresa where he graduated as part of the Dean’s Class. His education, among others, includes “Systemic Constellations for Organizations” which he studied in the UK as well as “Sustainability and its 4 pillars” in Findhorn Foundation, Scotland.

Katerina Douzina


Katerina Douzina was born in Athens, Greece in 1983. She studied in London and holds a Bsc in Psychology from UCL and an Msc in Human Resource Management & International Employment Relations from the LSE. She started off her career working in the music industry for major (Universal Music, Sony Music) and indie (Heaven Music) record labels specializing in Digital Marketing. She has also worked at WIND Telecommunications in Greece, acting as the Music Portfolio Product Manager. Despite her passion for music she decided to take a break, go to New York and do an intensive 4 month course on Digital Media Marketing at NYU. Upon her return to Greece she joined Google's Marketing team as a Product Marketing Manager.

Recently she joined Krataion Consulting and is really excited to embark on this new adventure.

Giota Charalampaki


Giota Charalampaki has a wide commercial experience since she has been working for more than ten years in Commercial Departments of big multinational and Greek companies (ENERGA HELLAS, OTE, SONY ERICSSON, LANNET COMMUNICATIONS) holding managerial positions. Her latest position was Marketing & Product Development Manager of ENERGA HELLAS. She has studied Business Management at Athens University of Economic and Business and she holds a Diploma of Management from Henley University in UK.

Giota is co-operating with KRATAION as a strategic partner through the company she has founded (Pick n Roll) offering integrated sales and marketing services, focusing on customer needs and aiming at aligning sales and marketing strategy with relevant business actions. Also the company undertakes the organization of events and conferences as well as the planning, development and implementation of promotional sales activities. She has also organized in April 2013 the "1st Coach a Winning Team Conference" around the challenges and opportunities of leading and developing winning teams.

Alexia Vasdeki


Alexia Vasdeki was born in Athens. She studied Business Administration as well as Educational Sciences at Athens University of Economics and Business. During her University years she was member of the National Committee of AIESEC Hellas, the biggest student run NGO in the world. She was responsible for the strategy of Exchange and Internships abroad for all Greek students.

Having gained experience in NGOs, in 2013 she undertook the planning and implementation of the European Program “Social Impact Award”, which is all around youth social entrepreneurship. Joining the team of Krataion Consulting opens for Alexia new professional horizons and gives her the chance to be involved in different projects.

Harris Pitsilos


Harris Pitsilos was born in New York and raised in Chios. He holds a diploma in Applied Mathematics & Physics Sciences from the National Technical University of Athens. During his studies, he joined AIESEC, the world’s largest student run organisation, where he held the position of President of Greece for a year, and explored his leadership and managerial traits to a large extent. Among others, he was responsible to lead the strategic vision of the organization and supervise the overall strategic plan.

His pursuit of constant & diverse learning gave him the chance to gain experience in a variety of fields from sales, event management and BTL marketing to cultural entrepreneurship and corporate sustainability. His latest professional experiences before joining KRATAION, include Corporate Responsibility & Environmental Management in OTE Group, Brand Management in Red Bull as well as Business Development and Communication in a startup around Cultural Development in underdeveloped urban areas. Harris is putting his analytical and managerial skills together to provide to KRATAION Consulting's partners, sustainable business solutions to meaningful projects and ideas.

Rena Kalogianni


Rena Kalogianni has a broad experience in Marketing. She started her career in HP EMEA in Grenoble, where she held a Marketing Project Manager position for 4 years. Her career continued in Louis Vuitton for 10 years where she held various positions in luxury retail including sales, product management, visual merchandising, client relationships development, event management, sales training and in-store operations. During these years, Rena lived in 3 countries and managed 15 different markets.

Her last position was Marketing Manager in Louis Vuitton for Greece, Cyprus & Israel. Rena studied Business Administration in Athens University of Economics and Business and holds an MBA from Grenoble Graduate School of Business where she graduated with distinction in her dissertation on CRM. Always open to new endeavors, she decided to focus on Consulting and joined Krataion in January 2016.


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