We are part of a very dynamic global market and digital agencies are faced with the challenge of constantly having to evolve along with their teams & employees, who seek guidance and support on how to keep up with the needed changes. After working for more than 10 years within the digital ecosystem, having actively contributed to the development of hundreds of agencies in several markets, we identified 2 main causes that hold digital agencies back from growing sustainably.

1. Lack of space & time to look their inner needs

Digital agencies devote the vast majority of their time taking care of their clients’ needs as well as expanding their clientele. This leaves almost zero space, time, and energy to look after their inner self.

2. Lack of agility in a fast pace growing industry

The massive increase in demand for digital marketing services forced one-man-show and small agencies to make such a rapid expansion of their teams that left them with no sufficient time to look into their inner growth.

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