Who is Marine Traffic:

MarineTraffic is the world’s leading provider of ship tracking and maritime intelligence. By building on a base of data from coastal AIS-receiving stations, supplemented by satellite receivers, and applying algorithms MarineTraffic provides the shipping, trade and logistics industries with actionable insights into shipping activity.


Reshape Marinetraffic’s identity by validating Marine Traffic  purpose and values while linking it with business operations.

What we did

We ran  workshops with an extended team -including the leadership team -of MarineTraffic as well as an organization-wide reality check that aimed to examine  how well the purpose and values of the company are articulated, whether they are clear and compelling and if they resonate with the team and motivate them to take action. By the end of the workshops a “new” MarineTraffic story was formed with a clear purpose and values, accompanied by specific behaviors that would ensure these values are lived by the whole organization.