What is ReGeneration:

ReGeneration is a Global Shapers Athens Hub initiative, sponsored by Coca-Cola, The Coca-Cola Foundation, The Hellenic Initiative and Stavros Niarchos Foundation. It aims to make young people more employable, through a six month paid placement as well as to help them build their professional and personal skills. 



Act as the project management team, designing and running ReGeneration, with the goal of enhancing the program.

What we did:

We aimed to ensure a more efficient but also impactful way of running and designing aspects of the program. Among others we introduced online tests, different streams for applicants and their assessment, and a fresh training program. Results included, among others, 3 ReGeneration cycles with more than 17.000 applications and 200 interns, 83 Hiring partners, 80% of interns extending their contracts, and 5 HR Awards. After working on ReGeneration for 2 fulfilling years changes incorporated are still part of the program.