Who is Ignite:

Ignite Sweden comprises a group of different stakeholders and acts as an incubator, often an extended workforce of startups, aiming among others to facilitate valuable connections between startups (specialling in B2B solutions) with corporates. Its aim is to increase commercial collaboration but also to create a learning hub of best practices related to the innovation deriving from the connection of startups with corporates. Ignite is growing fast its operations and network both in Sweden and abroad. 


Upskill the core team on the key principles and tools of customer experience and help them incorporate these principles in the design of their digital platform.

What we did

We ran workshops on Customer Experience Management where we discussed the importance of the customer-centric culture, built the customer personas and mapped the journey of a startup persona, identifying the as-is scenario, the good scenario and the pain points. Based on the pain points, we ran a problem-solving workshop, where we ideated solutions and prioritized the next steps to lead improvement to their digital platform.